In most foreign countries there is no such thing as an MLS (Multiple Listing Service), so when buyers come to the United States, most are under the impression that each home for sale must be shown to them but the agency that has it listed.  This was the case with Marco Sturm and his girlfriend, a great guy and a great couple. He was completely amazed that I could pull up all of the homes for sale in the area and show them to him. He also realized that buying a home here in Port St. Lucie was much easier than buying one in Europe. He flew in, looked at homes the first day, put in an offer on one, then went to Universal Studios in Orlando for a few days. He came back to Port St. Lucie a week later, wired the money to our title company and became the proud new owner of a Florida vacation home. We did all of this in just two weeks! Following is the letter he wrote me when he got home to Switzerland, in both English and German.


Dear Marlene,
Dear Dale and Brad

When I traveled to Florida in September 2009, I knew that I wanted to buy a house. How such a buy takes place in the U.S., I could only guess at the basis of reports on the Internet.

When I arrived in your office in Port St. Lucie, everything was already prepared well. You have created a selection of houses, which corresponded to my criteria regarding size, location, condition and price.

During the visits of the various houses, Brad gave always important additional information for example about the neighborhood, the builder and the quality of the construction. The fact that your company has built houses for many years, was there a big advantage.

I have finally found my dream home at a truly affordable price. The purchase and closing itself was, thanks to your personal network your have built up within the past 37 years in business, very smooth and easy.

After the buy, you have advised and actively supported me in the selection of the home owner insurance and many other details, such as signing up for electricity, water and sewer etc.

In retrospect, I can say that the purchase of my vacation home in Florida could be handled much easier than I had imagined. The purchase of a property in Europe is so much more complicated than it is possible in Florida.

I am very happy with my house in Florida and your team has made a significant contribution on that, for which I again thank you very much! It was the right choice to work with Century21 Colean Realty Inc. .

Kind regards

Marco Sturm

Geschätzte Marlene,
Geschätzter Dale und Brad

Als ich im September 2009 nach Florida gereist bin, wusste ich, dass ich ein Ferienhaus kaufen will. Wie ein solcher Kauf in den USA abläuft, konnte ich anhand Berichten im Internet nur erahnen.

Als ich in eurem Office in Port St. Lucie eingetroffen bin, war alles bereits vorbereitet. Ihr habt eine Selektion von Häusern erstellt, welche meinen Kriterien bezüglich Grösse, Lage, Zustand und Preis entsprachen.

Während der Besichtigung der verschiedenen Häuser hat mir Brad immer wichtige Zusätzliche Informationen, wie zum Beispiel zur Nachbarschaft, dem Erbauer sowie zur Qualität der Bausubstanz gegeben. Die Tatsache, dass Euer Unternehmen lange selbst Häuser gebaut hat, war dabei ein grosser Vorteil.

Schliesslich habe ich mein Traumhaus zu einem wirklich günstigen Preis gefunden.  Der Kauf selbst konnte dank euren sehr guten Kontakten einfach, rasch und problemlos abgewickelt werden.

Ihr habt mich auch nach dem Verkauf bei der Auswahl der Versicherung und vielen weiteren Details wie der Anmeldung für Strom, Wasser und Abwasser etc. beraten und tatkräftig unterstützt.

Rückblickend kann ich sagen, dass der Kauf meines Ferienhauses in Florida viel einfacher abgewickelt werden konnte, als ich mir das vorgestellt habe. Der Kauf einer Immobilie in Europa ist so viel komplizierter, als dies in Florida möglich ist.

Ich bin mit meinem Haus in Florida sehr glücklich. Dazu hat Euer Team einen entscheidenden Beitrag geleistet, wofür ich mich nochmals ganz herzlich bedanke! Mit Century21 Colean Realty Inc. habe ich die richtige Wahl getroffen.

Herzliche Grüsse

Marco Sturm

If you are a foreigner to the United States and you want to take advantage of some of the great real estate deals here in Martin and St. Lucie Counties on The Treasure Coast of Florida, please email us, or give us a call at 800-876-3535. We’ll be happy to work with you and make your experience as hassle free as Marco’s.