Buying real estate is more than just location, location, location, of course. Depending on the buyers, real estate purchases can involve the study of a lot of numbers. An investor will look at an entirely different set of numbers than a normal home buyer will. With most investors, emotion is entirely left out of the decision, and it is just the numbers that will make that investor decide to buy a property, or move on to the next opportunity. A primary home buyer will look first at style, location, features, how the home “feels”, etc. then look at just a few numbers, such as price, monthly payments, insurance, and taxes, but their primary decision on whether to purchase a particular home will have more to do with the former, than the latter.

There are numbers, however, that all real estate buyers consider important. Some of these numbers are the amount of bedrooms, amount of bathrooms, square footage, year built, and garage size. With the advent of the internet and web sites devoted to helping a buyer search for real estate listings, a lot of houses are being overlooked due to either errors while inputting listing details, or errors on tax records. With inventory as low as it is right now, some great homes are being ignored because the numbers are wrong.

As a real estate buyer, you have decided on a particular area in Port St. Lucie, Jensen Beach, or Stuart. You know you want a three bedroom, two bath home, built in the last 10 years, or at least updated in the last ten years. Your search is not producing what you expected due to the low inventory of homes. Instead of getting frustrated with the lack of choices, loosen your search criteria a little. Search by price and the area you want, but leave out the amount of bedrooms, leave out year built, and run your search again. When a list of homes come up, instead of looking straight at the numbers, read the description. The description will often show you important information that will match what you are looking for, while the hard numbers search would have never showed you that home.

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I will use one of my listings in Jensen Beach as an example. I have a short sale listed in the Skyline Drive area at 1138 Oceanview Circle (for those of you not familiar with Jensen Beach, this is a very desirable area). If you were to search by year built, or number of bedrooms, you would likely never see this home. The tax records have the year built at 1961 and the bed/bath count at 2/1. These are numbers that I cannot change, so this is how the home is conveyed in the MLS and real estate web sites. What I can do, is explain the true qualities of the home in the description.

The home was built in 1961, but in 2004, it was completely redone, except for three of the exterior concrete walls. All of the wiring was replaced, the insulation was replaced, new air conditioner, a great new kitchen added, and a new metal roof was installed. The home is actually a 3/2/2, but the owner used the 3rd bedroom as an office, a small wall and door added (about $300), and it is back to a 3/2/2. The owner worked with some of the finest builders in Martin County, so when he renovated, he used the best carpenters, tradesman, and brands he could get. He also added a a huge 32 X 24 foot game / family, rec room, bringing the air conditioned square footage to 2247. This is an exceptionally beautiful home in a great location and except for the three exterior walls, it was really built in 2004. So, just a change in your search could be all you need to find your home.

If you are tired of searching yourself, or you just want some additional info, please click on the Auto-Search” button above, fill out the form, and hit “send”. I will set up a search of the MLS that email listings to you, as soon as they hit the market. You can also call me at 800-876-3535, or locally at 772-335-5400 to discuss your real estate needs.

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