If you are trying to decide whether to rent or to buy in Port St. Lucie, there is not an easy answer as there are so many factors to consider.  Such as:


  • If you are just moving here after having gotten out of school or are relocating, you might want to rent to get more familiar with the area, its neighborhoods,  traffic patterns, and amenities.
  • If you have limited savings, you might want to rent instead of buy so that unanticipated repairs won’t put you into a panic or financial bind.


  • If you have lived here for awhile and know this is where you want to be, and if you have the money saved up for a down payment, you might want to buy a home while the interest rates are so attractive.
  • You can go to Realtor.com to calculate the numbers of renting vs. buying.

It may be a mute point in today’s Port St. Lucie market due to escalating home prices and rental prices.  In the lower prices ranges of $150,000 and less for a home and $1200 or less for a rental, there is virtually no inventory.  There are more buyers and renters than there are homes to buy or to rent.

If you would like to discuss your options with a real estate professional, call us at 772-335-5400 or 1-800-876-3535.  Or drop in at 10870 South U. S. 1 directly across from Super Walmart (with Sam’s to our rear on Lennard Rd.)  We have served this county in this location for 40 years and know the area well.

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